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SOLAR: Sun Ra In Brasil is a Brazilian celebration of the music of Sun Ra. The album was recorded in 2022 in Bahia and São Paulo, Brazil, and highlights incredible talent in Jazz, Avant-Pop, Rap and poetry. It includes such Brazilian forward-thinking artists such as Metá Metá, Edgar, Xênia França, Tiganá Santana, Max De Castro, Hamilton de Holanda, as well as 3x Grammy nominated vocalist Jazzmeia Horn and world renown musician and songwriter Meshell Ndgeocello.

Important Brazilian and North American artists connect and dialogue with the Afrofuturist movement and vision of SUN RA in SOLAR: SUN RA IN BRASIL. They don’t just cover SUN RA themes but build a new repertoire and interpretations from the originals. Featuring innovative names of the Brazilian Afro-Brazilian and neo-jazz scene, this project is sure to spiritually inspire you.

The album also features the participation of leading Brazilian actor Fabricio Boliveira interpreting Portuguese versions of poems by Sun Ra, such as: “Black Prince Charming” (with the participation of the Bahian experimental musician Edbrass Brasil, and his rare and strange instruments) and “I Am An Instrument” with the magnificent Jazzmeia Horn creating textured vocal effects.


Astroblack Orunmilá is the debut single from Red Hot & Ra : SOLAR, a Brazilian celebration of the music of Sun Ra. This single features Orquestra Afrosinfônica and Jazzmeia Horn. Orquestra Afrosinfônica focuses on unique arrangements, rhythms and chants. Singer and songwriter Jazzmeia Horn has been nominated three GRAMMY Awards for Best Jazz Vocal Album and won the prestigious NAACP Image Award for her Jazz Album, “Love & Liberation.”

Nine Rocket For The Planet is the debut single from the forthcoming Red Hot & Ra : SOLAR record, a Brazilian celebration of the music of Sun Ra. This single features rapper and poet Edgar collaborating with avant-garde trio MetaMeta. Edgar is a cutting-edge São Paulo rapper pushing the boundaries between music, film, art and fashion. Metá Metá is São Paulo’s uber cool Jazz and avant garde music trio. Metá Metá received a ‘Best Rock or Alternative Album’ at the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards.

Sun Ra

Sun Ra was a musical visionary who explored the outer limits of jazz and fused it with elements of Afrofuturism and science fiction. Over the course of his career, he assembled a collective of musicians known as the Arkestra and created a unique sound that blended big band swing with free improvisation, electronic instruments, and Eastern and African musical traditions.

Sun Ra’s music was not just a product of his time, but a precursor to future developments in jazz, fusion, and electronic music. His work was a celebration of blackness, an embrace of the cosmic, and a challenge to the limits of human imagination. Even decades after his death, his influence on music and culture remains profound.


Astroblack Orunmilá
Featuring Jazzmeia Horn + Orquestra Afrosinfônica) (Sun Ra/ Ubiratan Marques upon Ketu Nation Folk Song)

Arranged and Conducted by: Ubiratan Marques
Lead Vocals: Jazzmeia Horn
Choir: Tâmara Pessôa , Raquel Monteiro, Dinha Dórea, Djara Mahim
Sax Solo: Nilton Azevedo
Flutes: Nilton Azevedo, Julio Sant’Anna
Clarinets: Indira Dourado, Alessandra Leão
Saxophones: Gleison Coelho (Baritone), Léo Couto
(Alto Sax), Nerisvaldo Tukano (Tenor Sax)
Trumpets: Everaldo Pequeno, Karen Fernanda
Trombones: Gilmar Chaves, Toni Jaonitã
Tuba: Carlos Eduardo Alves
Vibes: Érica Sá
Percussion: Lucas de Gal, Nem Cardoso, Jeison Wilde
Electric Bass: Marcus Sampaio
Double Bass: Angelo Santiago, Marcos Sampaio
Rhodes Piano: Ubiratan Marques
Recorded by Paulo Cesar(PC) at Ilha dos Sapos
Studios (Salvador,Bahia), Assisted by Uelinton Cerqueira
Jazzmeia Horn recorded by Mark Yoshizumi @ Spice House Brooklyn, NY, Assisted by Emma Nicoletti
Executive Producer: Nena Oliveira(Casa da Ponte)


Nine Rocket For the Planet Featuring Metá Metá + Edgar
(Sun Ra, Edgar, Kiko Dinucci, Thiago França, Juçara Marçal / Xuxa Levy)

Vocals and MC: Edgar
Vocals: Juçara Marçal
Guitar, Sampler and Synth: Kiko Dinucci Saxophone, EWI Wind Synth: Thiago França
Recorded by Fernando Sanches at El Rocha Studios, São Paulo, Brasil, Assistanted by
Maiane Sousa
Mixed by Mark Yoshizumi @ Spice House, Brooklyn, NY