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The first project in this exciting new series, Red Hot & Ra – Nuclear War LP, is an album of political and social commentary, stemming from the incomparable Sun Ra track “Nuclear War”. Sun Ra’s 1982 track “Nuclear War” is an intense and potent call to action against the use of nuclear weapons and the potential for their use to inflict global destruction. The track is a stark reminder of the consequences of human carelessness and ignorance and the potential for our own demise. Originally written in response to the Three Miles Island incident in Pennsylvania in 1979, close to where The Arkestra was living at the time, in Philadelphia. The song may have been written in reaction to a very specific incident, but its relevance only grows.

Our first single from this project “Nuke’s Blues Feat. Josef Leimberg ” performed by Georgia Anne Muldrow is out now!

Our second single from this project “Nuclear War ” performed by Irreversible Entanglements is out now!
Nuclear War has over 60 minutes of music by Georgia Anne Muldrow, Josef Leimberg, Irreversible Entanglements, Angel Bat Dawid and Malcolm Jiyane Tree-o, which covers and reinterprets Sun Ra’s 1981 song protesting the meltdown at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant near Philadelphia, where Ra and the Arkestra lived.
Red Hot & Ra: Nuclear War LP features 4 separate versions/interpolations of the Sun Ra single “Nuclear War” by Georgia Anne Muldrow, Josef Leimberg, Irreversible Entanglements, Angel Bat Dawid, Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O and Grandmaster CAP. The album paints a vivid picture of the struggle and resistance in the face of nuclear war, touching on themes of racial injustice, environmental destruction, and the power of love in the face of disaster.

Listen and Purchase the Album Out Now

Overall, Red Hot & Ra – Nuclear War is an emotionally powerful and thought-provoking album, offering an artistic response to the ever-growing threat of nuclear war. Over the next two years, we will release an ongoing series of additional albums that show the relevance of Sun Ra’s vision and music.


Sun Ra

Sun Ra was a musical visionary who explored the outer limits of jazz and fused it with elements of Afrofuturism and science fiction. Over the course of his career, he assembled a collective of musicians known as the Arkestra and created a unique sound that blended big band swing with free improvisation, electronic instruments, and Eastern and African musical traditions.

Sun Ra’s music was not just a product of his time, but a precursor to future developments in jazz, fusion, and electronic music. His work was a celebration of blackness, an embrace of the cosmic, and a challenge to the limits of human imagination. Even decades after his death, his influence on music and culture remains profound.


01. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Nuke’s Blues (Feat. Josef Leimberg)
(written by Georgia Anne Muldrow, Josef Leimberg & Sun Ra)

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Vocals / Track / Synth
Josef Leimberg – Trumpet / Piano
Taso Anastasios – OP1 keyboard / engineer

Recorded at Ironworx Creative Recordings Los Angeles CA

02. – 04. Angel Bat Dawid – Nuclear War: A Cosmic Myth Science Trilogy
(Written by Angel Bat Dawid & Sun Ra)

The Cosmic Ensemble
Angel Bat Dawid – Piano, Clarinet, Vocals, Synths
Jaden Berkman (Jaytheziah) – Bass, Guitar, Flute, Saxophone
Alejandro Salazar – Percussion

The Cosmic Children
Rayna Golding, Mahari Ajani Collier

The Cosmic Choir
Monique Golding, Phillip Armstrong, Camila Isabel, Tramaine Parker, Erica Nwachukwu

Arranged & Mixed by Angel Bat Dawid

Recorded by Najee-Ziad Searcy July 17, 2022 @ Chicago Recording Company

Inspired by Sun Ra’s Nuclear War

05. Malcolm Jiyane Tree-o – We’re Not Buying It (Feat. Grandmaster CAP)
(written by Fani Malcolm Jiyane, Nhlanhla Masondo & Sun Ra )

Ayanda Zalekile – Electric Bass & Vocals
Gontse Makhene – Percussion & Backing Vocals
Grandmaster CAP – MC
Lungile Kunene – Drums & Backing Vocals
Malcolm Jiyane – Piano, Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Tubatsi Moloi – Electric Guitar, Flute & Backing Vocals

Recorded at Downtown Music Hub, Johannesburg on 3 May 2022
Recorded by Oyama Songo
Mixed by Dion Monti at Zebra Studios, Basel
Produced by Monti & Curnow (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)

06. Irreversible Entanglements – Nuclear War
(Written by Sun Ra)

Keir Neuringer – Saxophone
Tcheser Holmes – Drums
Aquiles Navarro – Trumpet
Luke Stewart – Bass
Camae Ayewa – Vocals

Recorded Live at National Sawdust June 11, 2022
Mixed by Mark Yoshizumi

Irreversible Entanglements appear courtesy of Verve Records

Executive Producer: John Carlin

Produced by Jonathan Galkin & Elia Einhorn

Design & Layout : Chris Capuozzo
Red Hot & Ra logo : Rohan Rege

Board Of Advisors : Beco Dranoff, David Grandison, Upendo Kissai, Tseliso Monaheng, Dustin Reid, Earle Sebastian, Adrian Shankar, Kendall Thomas

Special Mention and Extra Thanks

Special Thanks to Irwin Chusid and the Sun Ra Estate

Extra Thanks: Mark Yoshizumi, Brandon Stosuy, Najee Searcy, Chace Johnson, Mushroom Hour, Nhlanhla Mngadi, Andrew Curnow, Tseliso Monaheng, National Sawdust, Mark Christman, Donna Matthew, Chuck Mitchell, Bill Sebastian, John Fitzgerald + Matthew Niederhauser @ Sensorium, Paul Heck, John Corbett, Netrice Gaskins, Alyce Myatt, Renee Dossick, Judy Silverman, Mick Jacobs, Wildcat Ebony Brown, Chace Johnson, Dahlia Ambach Caplin, Phil Chard, Jill Wheeler, Charlie Painter + Redeye Worldwide, Bill Coleman, Open Society Foundations and all the people who have contributed to Red Hot over the past 30+ years.