The Kele•le EP is a collaborative EP showcasing the new wave of female artists in Nigeria and the African diaspora. These artists pave their own way through the music scene, growing their sound and artistry within the popular international influence of Nigerian music.

Kele•le screams female power with the most interesting & most forward thinking rising stars of the Naija music scene. Their voice calls and connects the pan African diaspora, championing women’s power, creativity and autonomy.

Kele•le is to empower young female artists to lead the conversation about feminism, autonomy, women’s’ health & Nigeria’s growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in order to impact, educate & lessen the stigma around important topics: Dating culture, STIs, Sexual Violence, Domestic Abuse, Resource Allocation & more.

Kele•le works to provide resources to the infrastructures of change & illuminate the essential work organisations do in Nigeria with limited aid. Given the toll COVID-19 has on these organisations, Red Hot is here to help.



Fighting the silent pandemic, women and young girls in Nigeria have been disproportionally affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis. Through marginalisation, lack of resources and cultural stigma, more and more women living with HIV/AIDS don’t have access to resources. As the stigma around these conversations increases, more women at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS don’t have the tools to remain safe, healthy and autonomous. 

Over 1 Million women in Nigeria are living with HIV/AIDS. Women 15–49 yrs old are more than twice as likely to be living with HIV than men. Women aged 30-39 have the highest prevalence of HIV at 3.3% compared to the 1.3% national average.

Less than half of women living with HIV/ AIDS in Nigeria are treated for viral suppression.

Estimated number of Annual New Infections


Estimated number of Annual Deaths


With the adverse affects of COVID-19, more Nigerian families are in need of vital resources that create better infrastructures for health. Lack of social protection in Nigeria exposes its population to large welfare losses. Before the pandemic struck, less than 2 percent of Nigerians lived in a household enrolled in the country’s flagship social protection program – the National Social Safety Net Project (NASSP) – and coverage of most other programs was even lower.

Nigerian households have been adopting negative coping strategies like reducing food consumption, decreasing savings and increasing debt in response to the shocks that have accompanied COVID-19. The effects of such coping strategies include malnutrition and increased levels of people becoming immunocompromised. 

Red Hot Org is committed to aiding the life saving health organisation in Nigeria that create integral support for communities struggling through these health issues. Destigmatizing important conversations surrounding Kele•le’s mission issues is essential to changing the culture and impact these issues will have on the generation. Reframing young Nigerian women and women of the pan African diaspora as leaders in these conversation creates safe spaces for honest discussion. 

Source @ UNAIDS, @NAIIS, @ NACA & @Word Bank


Red Hot Org, is a non-profit 50(c)(3) organisation working to create awareness for and provide support to organisations on the front lines of global health pandemics, epidemics and health crises. Through music and film, Red Hot cultivates social narrative change around an epidemic. Using art to connect to people, one by one, Red Hot works to lay the foundations of lasting change. Challenging stigma, highlighting resources and uplifting communities are important steps to dealing with wide spread diseases.

Beginning with the 1980s AIDS epidemic in the US, Red Hot supported Act Up and other community driven nonprofits to help the most affected and vulnerable populations.

Red Hot has produced 20 albums and donated over 12 million dollars to worthy organisations, causes and pro-social projects around the world in its mission is to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS/HIV, its related health issues around the world and to support harm reduction practices across the US. Revenues from these projects are given to traditional charities, often in collaboration with the artists who have contributed their music or art.


Producer: Upendo Kissai • Executive Producer: John Carlin • EP Mastering: Joe Lambert • Visual Designers: Upendo Kissai and Ngozi Nwadiogbu

Bella Alubo “Loneliest Girl in the World”

Lyrics & Composition: Bella Alubo • Producer: Victizzle •
Mixing Engineer: Victizzle & Adeleke Ode • Lyric Video: Tolga Tarhan

Lady Donli “Kauna”

Lyrics & Composition: Lady Donli • Producer: James Isibor
• Mixing Engineer: James Isibor

Tomi Owó “Go On Woman”

Lyrics & Composition: Tomi Owó • Producer: David Owolabi • Mixing Engineer: David Owolabi • Management: Kingsley Iweka

Mz Kiss featuring OSHUN “You Look Good”

Lyrics & Composition: Mz Kiss, OSHUN • Producer: Dele Williams • Mixing Engineer: Adeleke Ode • Oshun Management: Sumby Kuti