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Who knew rising international pop songstress Bella Alubo could tell the future? Dropping her single “Loneliest Girl in the World”, Bella saves us with the pop, dance anthem for our quarantining pods!
She wrote the song December of last year, recapping a tough 2019 with a joyful and honest bop. While 2019 was a rough year for many, no one expected the craziness of CoronaVirus in 2020 or the impact it would have on our lives.
True to tone, “Loneliest Girl in the World” will give you the energy to bounce, to dance, to clean, to lounge, to get some sun and fresh air, to reach out to loved ones and to do whatever else is saving your soul while sheltered.
Most importantly, Bella’s “Loneliest Girl in the World” is the vibe we need to pull through this wave together.

Bella can safely quarantine and abide by guidelines that will help keep her safe from COVID-19 but resources for all are lacking! “Loneliest Girl in the World” by Bella Alubo is a charity single where all revenue from the record will be donated to the frontlines of the COVID19 epidemic. Bella graciously donated the single to Red Hot Org. and their compilation charity EP Kele•le.

Kele•le is a charity compilation EP of four songs from five Nigerian female artists showcasing the new wave of international musical talent. Kele•le screams female power with the most interesting and most forward thinking rising stars of the Naija music scene. This project aims to empower young female artists to lead the conversation about the artists response to COVID-19 for artists in the Global South, how best we can aid our communities in this time and women’s health education in Nigeria.

Red Hot Org, is a non-profit 50(c)(3) organization working to create awareness for and provide support to organizations on the front lines of global health pandemics, epidemics and health crises. Through music and film, Red Hot cultivates social narrative change around an epidemic. Using art to connect to people, one by one, Red Hot works to lay the foundations of lasting change. Challenging stigma, highlighting resources and uplifting communities are important steps to dealing with wide spread diseases.

Beginning with the 1980s AIDS epidemic in the US, Red Hot supported Act Up and other community driven nonprofits to help the most affected and vulnerable populations.

Red Hot has produced 20 albums and donated over 12 million dollars to worthy organizations, causes and pro-social projects around the world in its mission is to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS/HIV, its related health issues around the world and to support harm reduction practices across the US. Revenues from these projects are given to traditional charities, often in collaboration with the artists who have contributed their music or art.

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