Entertainment Weekly on new Red Hot + Free compilation

Entertainment Weekly officially announced the release of our latest compilation Red Hot + Free out July 2nd. Jason Lamphier interviews the album’s producer Bill Coleman from Brooklyn based Peace Bisquit to learn more about the motivations behind this dance album full of iconic guest stars.

“A number of my colleagues in the business passed. So I really felt this… mission. I also felt like, You know what? I’m here still striving and surviving. Now to deal with all this unprecedented time, I’m going to bust my ass and get this done.” – Bill Coleman

Just as they did in Red Hot’s 1990 debut compilation album Red Hot + Blue, Entertainment Weekly covers the story of an album that comes in a very similar situation with the 90’s HIV/AIDS crisis pandemic. This time the devastating effects of COVID-19 are reflected on this album and the article touches upon the feelings that made the album come to life.

“It is the sound of a hard-won summer, of post-pandemic liberation.” – J.  Lamphier

Red Hot + Free cover artwork

Lamphier dissects some of the tracks of this project reflecting on the message that comes along with them, the political, racial and social context of where they created. Lamphier and Coleman draw a parallel to our 1992 album Red Hot + Dance taking the lead single of the compilation U Try Livin’ (Pressure) as an example of the power dance music has to wash away some anxiety after such a chaotic year.

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