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In 2016 Red Hot began reinventing its pro-social + activist model in a more digital way. The first step was the creation of a mobile App called DIYdoc (do it yourself documentary) with funding from the NEA and a private foundation. The App empowers people to make short polished documentary films with their iPhones in a simple intuitive way that combines the best of traditional filmmaking and crowd-sourced digital content.

Install the App to start making films and sharing your stories:

It’s based on a template structure, like a storyboard, which has a series of scenes of a prescribed length, shot type and basic questions for people to answer. People fill in the storyboard template with their videos and when their done, upload them to our server where they’re automatically edited and processed with transitions, filters, graphics and other professional elements. Within about five minutes people get the edited film back, which they can watch, share and post on their social media.

Red Hot is using this technology to explore the idea of a ‘digital quilt’ to compliment the Names Project and capture short films memorializing people lost to AIDS/HIV as well as films about living with HIV to raise awareness of the current crisis and preserve them historically. Red Hot will also create storytelling templates for the LBGTQ community to share stories of ‘coming out’ as well as tributes to artists and people along the lines of the tribute albums Red Hot as produced since 1990. Finally, Red Hot is finding additional non profit partners to use the technology to promote social good and preserve important stories as well as select for profit partners to help provide continued funding and support for the project. DIYdoc was created, designed and produced by John Carlin who also co-founded Red Hot and the digital design studio Funny Garbage.

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