TRAИƧA, Red Hot’s newest project, means love with no limitations on gender expression, and is a multimedia music-focused album of collaborations between gender-expansive artists like Beverly Glenn-Copeland and established pop-stars that will collectively represent a spiritual journey. Each song is a key piece in a narrative towards understanding ourselves in gender and in spirit. TRAИƧA focuses on two key themes: grief and transcendence. We will meet at the intersection of science and the spiritual and seek to expand this liminal area, just as trans people do in lived experience.

This album and multimedia campaign featuring songs by high-profile and emerging gender-expansive artists that are both love letters to the Trans community and cultural bridges to those who may not yet relate to their gender as a space for exploration and evolution.

First launched in 2020, the Becoming America Fund supports pop culture for social change practitioners to immerse millions of Americans in narrative oceans of pop culture content that ignite passion, curiosity, and faith in our ability to create something truly visionary, together: a just and pluralist society.

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